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Things You Must Know, Table of Content:


  1. Overview, Basic Modules, Themes installation + Configuration
  2. Top 50 modules installation, configuration, APIDrupal upgrade, update, how to create patches, SVN, CVS, Localization
  3. Drupal Hook system, Menu System & Form APIGlobals Variable … $user — $base_path etc., Drupal API or Hooks :-
    Database,Session,User,Node,Taxonomy,File upload
  4. Module development :- 5 Core Modules Hooks, Function
    Page,Block,Filter, Node Module , User Module
  5. How to include CSS, Js files in module, Using jQuery etc. ..
  6. Writing Secure Code, Development Best Practices, Optimizing Drupal
  7. Drupal database Architecture & How to create “.install” file
  8. Drupal core module API & Functioning of Core module :-
  9. Drupal Theme System & Advance Theming :-
    Node,Page,Block,Views theming,template.php, .info, Region theming
  10. drupal MultiSites, installation,Creation,etc.
  11. Other Open Source integration with Drupal
  12. Drupal API changes across diffrent versions (4, 5, 6, 7)

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