life repaircost per hour for excavators

Single Machine Cost Estimate

34, Calculated Repairs Over Life of The Machine, 115000.00. 35, Calculated Repair Cost Per Hour, 9.58. 36, Total Repair Costs (Average Annual Estimate)...

lubrication systems for the construction or mining sector - ILC

To improve life of pins and bushing, we suggest to use frequent lubrication to maintain the proper lubricant ... Manual lubrication takes at least 30 minutes per machine every day. .... ILC knows how to tackle the toughest situations – including excavators ... 30 minutes per 8 hour shift x 24,83 €/hour x 250 days ... Repair cost.


If the local wage rate including burden and fringe benefits is LE30 per hour, the .... excavation crew consists of an excavator with a production rate of 200 m. 3 .... the equipment during its useful life, and at the same time make a profit on the investment. ..... Maintenance and repair cost = 1.1 × 28333.33 = LE31166.67/year.

Annual and Life-to-Date Costs | Construction Equipment

Dec 17, 2014 ... Although next year's cost per hour is important, it is not nearly as important as the average cost per hour of owning and operating the machine...

Basic Information - Baugeräteliste – Bauverlag

In the Construction Equipment Register, the useful life spans are expressed in years .... economic key data (years of useful life, providing months and repair cost rates). ..... Frequent examples are the teeth of excavator buckets, cutting edges, gyros, ... providing costs per equipment providing hour = 1/170 of the monthly rate...

The Discipline of Undercarriage Management | Construction ...

Apr 30, 2013 ... ... to trim undercarriage expenses can considerably lower per-hour operating costs. ... does, however, use a SALT seal on its large excavators, ... Turning restores track pitch and can prolong undercarriage life by...

2010-02-10 LSID Dredge Cost Analysis - Lake Sinissippi!

Feb 10, 2010 ... cost incurred during the useful life of the equipment (“Cost of owning and operating ... influences total operating cost per hour and cost per CY of sediment dredged. ..... IMS Hydraulic Dredge Model 7012 HP with auger excavator head, stern drive self-propulsion, 300' of ... (9) Repair Cost Factor (RCF): 0.80.

Major Equipment Life-cycle Cost Analysis - Minnesota Department ...

Equipment life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) is typically used as one ... of a given piece of equipment's economic life. ..... Maintenance and Repair Cost . ...... in an hour, and engine factor is based on the percentage of horsepower utilized.

John Deere Excavators 200LC

Heater, 20,000 Btu/hr (5.9 kW) with blower fan. ○. Horn, electric on ... system, alternator, and cooling fan, at standard conditions per SAE J1349 and ... Total Repair Cost Management (TRCM) is part of John Deere's proactive, fix- before-fail ... Component life-cycle data – gives you vital information on the projected life span...

PC2000-8 - Komatsu

HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR. PC2000-8 ... Long life oil and filters. • Extended life of rubber components achieved by lowering hydraulic oil temperature ... consumption per hour. ... The repair cost of the bucket can be considerably reduced with.

equipment cost - Assakkaf

Repair cost ... What is the optimum economic life and the ... If a dozer can push 300 cy yd (cubic yard) per hour, and it has. $90/hr .... Hydraulic excavators 12,500.

5th Term - Construction Equipment Management - Scribd

If each cycle time is 1.2 minutes, then Actual output per working hour = Load per cycle x ... Primary earth excavating equipment is the tractor-mounted excavator. ..... The repair cost in the first year of acquiring the new equipment is far less than ... OV x Service factor) Nil P. Tyre Replacement Cost (= F/tyre life) 712 Q. Repairs...

component repair and exchange program4 - Liebherr

CCL (Cost Cap Life) ... Life. Core the Component that the customer delivers to Liebherr in exchange for a new or ... Guaranteed cost per hour ... +Repair cost transparency .... 250 SMU for all components excluding excavator undercarriage.

Evaluation of Production and Cost of Komatsu PC200 Excavator ...

order to evaluate production and costs of Komatsu PC 200 excavator. ... 16.63 and 15.77cubic meter per hour respectively and there were significant effect of slope ..... Productive Machine Hour (PH):1800Maintenance and Repair cost per PH(Rial):40312 ... Economic life in years : 20 yearsTotal operating cost(Rial):58275.

Septic Tank Repair Cost | Pro Referral

If substantial excavation is required, heavy equipment such as an excavator or ... with labor rates ranging from $35 to $150 per hour, depending on the size of...

Chapter 17

Excavator, hoe, or shovel, 0.035, 0.040, 0.048 ... Estimate the hourly repair cost for the first year of operation of a crawler tractor costing $136,000 and having a 5-year life. ... As usual, unit cost is divided by expected life to yield cost per hour. 36.

Calculating Machinery Operating Costs - Atlas

•The ability to calculate costs per hour and per hectare. – The capacity ... in power consumption, labour or repair cost. ... the value of the asset throughout its life.

1. A Contractor Has Purchased A Grader For $150,000 ... |

The useful life of a set of tires is estimated at 3,500 hours. ... What do you estimate the hourly maintenance and repair cost for the grader (less tires) to be? ... from the equipment fleet and operator costs for the grader are $28.00 per hour? ... decided to remove the soil using a three-cubic-yard excavator and four dump trucks.


In its simplest case, if you rented a tractor with operator for $60 per hour .... The shorter the work life of the machine, the higher the percentage of value lost in a year. ... Shallow depth utility construction where excavator sets pipe and digs only 3 .... the hourly maintenance and repair cost can be estimated as a percentage of...

Estimating Owning and Operating Costs - Holt

Goodyear Life Estimating System . . . . .20-35. Undercarriage . ... will cost per hour to own and operate in a given appli - cation and ... Repair and Planned Maintenance cost per hour .... Repair Cost (Per Hour). (contact your ...... Mostly shallow depth urban utility construction where excavator sets pipe and digs in sandy loam.

The Costs of Owning and Operating Machinery - Peterson Sawmills

Hourly Fixed Costs = Annual Fixed Costs / Operating Hours per Year .... Good maintenance is good for business: It increases machine life and salvage ..... which yields an estimated average maintenance and repair cost of $8 per hour. ... costs with an excavator, my total estimated variable cost came to $19.25 per hour.

Estimating Farm Machinery Costs | Ag Decision Maker

The economic life of a machine is the number of years over which costs are to be .... The average repair cost per hour can be calculated by dividing the total...

Lecture Note IV - nptel

construction equipment over the useful life is equal to the initial cost less the estimated .... of lubricating oil required per rated horsepower hour between the changes is 0.006 lb and .... Equivalent uniform annual worth of repair cost: A4 ...... For the replacement analysis the revised estimates of the existing excavator (defender).

Master Student Presentation in Construction Technology Course

Jul 13, 2015 ... ... factors for excavators Job efficiency Standard cycles per hour Swing .... Life time repair cost = Repair cost factor * Price of equipment = 0.90...

Region 7 - Walla Walla District - Army

Aug 31, 2001 ... Economic Life . .... Repair Cost . ...... Total ownership rate per hour (hr) is expressed by formula, as follows: Ownership Rate/hr .... draglines, hydraulic excavators, and shovels (except equipment under category numbers C75...

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